Privacy policy

This page provides information on how we handle your privacy.

The information in this section applies to the website.

Web server logs

Like most web servers, the web servers may log basic information about traffic on this website, including visitor IP addresses and pages loaded. We use these logs only for monitoring and maintaining the website, including identifying areas for improvement and fixing any problems that may arise.

Google Analytics

The website uses Google Analytics to collect statistical information regarding how the website is used. This information is not personally identifiable.

Google provides a Browser Add-on for all major browsers that allows you to opt-out of data collection by Google Analytics, should you want to do so. You can get the Add-on here. Alternatively, you can prevent from sending information to Google Analytics by disabling JavaScript in your browser for (Google Analytics requires JavaScript to work).

Google AdSense

The website uses Google AdSense to display ads on some pages. Google AdSense may collect some information about visitors to this website. You can review Google's privacy policy regarding advertising here. That page also provides information on how to manage what information is collected and how to opt out of collection.

Pokémon Lab and Shoddy Battle

The Pokémon Lab and Shoddy Battle programs (the "software") generally do not send any information back to the developers of the software. The only exception is that some features of the software may download files from this website. For example, the software may download images of Pokémon from this website in order to display those images in battles. When the software downloads files from this website, those downloads may be logged by our web servers, as described above. The privacy policy with respect to those logs is described above.

Individual server operators running the Pokémon Lab and Shoddy Battle server software may collect information about users of their server, including IP addresses. We are not involved in this collection of information. For information about what information is collected by individual servers and how that information is used, please contact the operator of the server in question.