Shoddy Battle and Pokémon Lab were created by Cathy and bearzly, with some additional contributions from other people. Shoddy Battle was released on July 7, 2007 and actively maintained until late 2010. This page provides information on the authors and contributors to the project.

Main developers

Cathy and bearzly were the original authors and primary developers of Shoddy Battle and Pokémon Lab. If you enjoyed using the software or have questions or comments, please feel free to contact them at and let them know. They appreciate hearing from you.

Cathy J. Fitzpatrick (Cathy)

Visit Cathy's personal website. Email Cathy at

Cathy designed the framework for Shoddy Battle from scratch in 2006 and implemented most of the program, including the battle mechanics, the user skill ranking system, the network infrastructure, the client-side user interface, the moderation tools, the extensibility features, the collection of statistical Pokémon data, and more. In addition, she provided a framework that allowed other people to write bots for the software. She also actively provided assistance and technical support to users from 2007–2010.

Cathy created the present website in December 2012 in order to memorialise the Shoddy Battle project and provide information on its significance to competitive Pokémon.

After Pokémon, Cathy went on to litigate and win a landmark judgment for transgender equality rights. You can read about that at

Benjamin Gwin (bearzly)

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As one of the original two authors, bearzly contributed significantly to all aspects of Shoddy Battle. He was originally more familiar with Pokémon than Cathy was, and he helped her learn many aspects of the game. He implemented many of the individual Pokémon moves, abilities, items, and more. He filled in the details of aspects of the framework as necessary. He made many graphical design improvements with a view to enhacing usability. He designed and implemented the graphical user interface for Pokémon Lab. He investigated and fixed countless bugs based on user reports.

Other contributors

The following additional people also contributed to the project. Most contributors were known by pseudonyms.

In addition, many other people helped test the program, report bugs, provide suggestions, and research the correct in-game mechanics. A few people made financial donations. We thank everybody who assisted with the project.